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Using GitHub

Create a New Repository

  • Visit the GitHub website.

  • Click your name to go to your own page on GitHub.

  • To the right of your name, click the + to start a new repository.

  • Fill out Repository name, Description, and .gitignore entries.


    The repository name should not contain spaces.

  • Click button Create repository to generate the repository.


GitHub will make a fresh repository and display its contents for you.

Fork a Remote Project

There is no need to start from scratch when creating a project. Instead, fork someone else’s open source work. Login to GitHub, then:

  • Click Explore from the GitHub page top menubar.

  • Click Search on the Explore GitHub menubar.

  • Type in a search string, then click button search.

  • Click a repository name to display that repository.

  • Click the Fork button on the repository bar to fork a copy.


GitHub will make a copy of the repository and display it for you.