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Ruby on Rails Sample App

Sample Rails App

Rails is the most popular framework for doing web applications with ruby. Many popular web applications such as Twitter, Hulu, and Github are written in Ruby on Rails. Running a simple RoR web app for development testing is relatively quick and easy in the Cloud9 environment.

Get a sample rails app

  1. First, fork a sample rails application on GitHub. Go to:

    ...and click the fork button.

    GitHub will create a copy of the project on your account.

  2. Next, open your Cloud9 dashboard. Select menu item Projects On Github ‣ Sample app on the left sidebar.

  3. Then click button Clone to Edit to clone a copy of the project in your Cloud9 virtual workstation.

  4. Once the project is finished cloning to Cloud9, open the project workspace by clicking the Start Editing button.

Install Ruby

Ruby is installed using RVM, the Ruby Version Manager. Cloud9 provides a pre-installed emulation of RVM, which we will use.

Open a terminal window in the rails sample app’s Cloud9 project workspace. In the Terminal window, run the following command to check that RVM is working, and also choose a ruby version to use in this project:

rvm use 1.9.3

Install Gems

Run the command bundle install to install all ruby gems from the project in your Gemfile:

bundle install

Set up the database

Use the rake (Ruby make) command to set up the development database structure:

rake db:migrate

Test run app in Cloud9

In the rails sample app’s Cloud9 Terminal window, run:

rails s -b $IP -p $PORT

Your app will be running now, served locally for testing. View the running rails app at


Use your own cloud9 username and project name in the URL to view your app.